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Datalogic Gryphon D4330 black usb Kit

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Laser barcode reader with cable. Equipped with "Green Spot" technology, offers a range up to 47cm and a 5 year warranty!

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Thanks to the rich set of functions and the number of models available, the Datalogic ADC Gryphon product range represents the highest level of data collection equipment in many applications.

Designed for customers who want high performance associated with laser reading technology, the Gryphon L GD4300 reader is the solution that provides greater reading distances, outstanding performance and a clear and well-defined scanning line.

This player is able to read without difficulty even damaged codes or low-contrast labels with poor edge definition. Moreover, Datalogic's patented "Green Spot" provides a visual confirmation of good reading directly on the code, allowing a quick and accurate reading, which is particularly useful in noisy environments or places where a "beep" reading is required.

The elegant design, the reduced size and weight make it the ideal solution for applications in retail and office environments, while its robustness makes it appreciated even in light industrial environments. A rubber coating protects the reader and its reading window from falls and prevents the reader from sliding off the desk surfaces. Equipped with IP52 water and dust protection, this player is also equipped with anti-shock mounts that provide additional protection to the engine and internal optics.

Gryphon L GD4300 readers are available in two different interface models: USB, keyboard emulation, RS-232 and pen emulation, or for use in point of sale (POS), IBM 46XX, USB and RS-232. Both interfaces offer configuration flexibility and are easily adapted to migrations or future system changes. Remote Host Download lowers service costs and improves operational efficiency by enabling field upgrades with no problems, while the Datalogic Aladdin configuration program provides simple features that make it easy to start even for novice users.


  •  Lettore Laser
  •  Portata fino a 47 cm
  •  "Green Spot" brevettato Datalogic
  •  Multi-Interface: RS232 / USB / Wedge / WE o IBM 46xx / USB POS / RS232
  •  Resistenza a caduta fino a 1,8 m
  •  Grado di protezione IP52 (polvere e acqua)
  •  Cavo dati e alimentatore venduti separatamente
  •  Garanzia 5 anni
(Includes Scanner and Cable 90A052044)

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