Zebra ribbon low cost 220 x 450
  • Zebra ribbon low cost 220 x 450

Zebra ribbon low cost 220 x 450

  • Ribbon economico base cera
  • originale Zebra
  • 220mm 
  • 450metri
  • Inchiostratura esterna (out)
  • anima da 25mm

The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 6.

  • An economy wax ribbon suitable for printing on most uncoated and coated labels and tags. Available for industrial printers in 450m offering good print quality at speeds of up to 254mm/sec (10ips) and 152mm/sec (6ips) for rotated barcodes. This is Zebra's competitively priced wax ribbon solution against low-cost competition.
  • In application
  • Suitable for general-purpose labelling such as shipping and receiving, inventory tracking, warehouse and distribution. Best used indoor with optimum temperature and no exposure to water or extreme lighting.