100asa ribbon cera 110x300 1P
  • 100asa ribbon cera 110x300 1P

100ASA Ribbon wax 110x450 for Toshiba

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Wax base ribbon mm 110 (L) x 450 m (H), ink out

1 inch core (25mm)

Core length: 118mm

Tipo nastro: Cera std
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Wax base ribbon 110mm wide and 300 meters long; 1 inch soul


Suitable for mid-range printers

25mm core (1 inch)

Soul width 118mm, suitable for Toshiba printers (type SA4TP)

Max diameter about 7cm

Type of material used for making the ribbons:

standard wax = ideal ribbon for printing on vellum paper labels

premium wax = IIMak Flexmark, product for printing on paper (excellent results even on non-adhesive cards)

resin enriched wax = DNP TR4085 + excellent product for incisive and lasting printing (excellent results for gloss and permanence) on all serial supports

wax resin = NCR ULTRA V, also suitable for printing on plastic labels

All materials are ROHS - REACH - ISEGA - UL certified

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