Symbol CS4070-SR 2d scanner bluetooth
  • Symbol CS4070-SR 2d scanner bluetooth
  • Symbol CS4070-SR 2d scanner bluetooth
  • Symbol CS4070-SR 2d scanner bluetooth
  • Zebra CS4070-SR 2d scanner bluetooth

Zebra CS4070-SR 2d scanner bluetooth

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Bluetooth scanner, 2D, Imager, USB, IP42, incl .: Cable (USB), Battery, Color: black

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The easy way to add enterprise-class wireless scanning functionality to your tablets and much more.

Tablets are revolutionizing companies thanks to the innumerable advantages they offer. The large screen lets you view content-rich applications to the fullest. If you are already familiar with your mobile terminal, adding the CS4070 scanner does not require specific training. In addition, the operating systems of the tablets in use effectively support applications with elegant and intuitive graphics such as those requested by the user today. However, the device still lacks an important function: an effective enterprise barcode reader. When using consumer-grade integrated cameras for scanning, barcode acquisition is not only slow,
but it also requires that the label be perfect and this does not often occur in the commercial sphere. Positioning a tablet to scan a barcode is often difficult and inconvenient. Here is the CS4070 Companion wireless Bluetooth scanner, a small device that ensures professional scanning and ergonomics that are missing in tablets, mobile computers, smartphones and other devices not designed for intensive barcode scanning . Ideal solution that can be combined with tablets and other devices, this economical pocket device ensures the most advanced barcode scanning technology, capable of acquiring almost any code, in any condition, at the push of the + button, even if the code is presents damaged, dirty or scratched. Furthermore, its natural ergonomics allow a scan without fatigue, regardless of the number of daily scans that the user has to perform. CS4070 is the easiest way to upgrade your tablet and many other devices with effective enterprise-class scanning capabilities.

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