100asa.it is freedom.
In the national and internazional panorama of the accords, franchising and buying groups, 100asa.it distinguish itself for his freedom: freedom from constraints, from accords, from fusions and so on. What does it mean? It means, semply, that we are among few to offer an almost infinite number of products, because our suppliers are all the ones that the market can offer. We buy from the supplier that gives us the best buying conditions, in order to turn them over to our Customers. This helped us to always grow since the 18th February 1990 and today, with Internet, the number of our satisfied Customers inceases evert day.


100asa.it is truth.
So much efforts has cost us, but the satisfactions are enormous. The fact to give to Customers the transparency and truth about always updated prices, to us is reason of enormous satistaction. We are proud to have interfaced our LAN network with Internet: prices, availability, descriptions, brochure and other local udates, our public side is caple of showing it on the web and it's like it's working with us. Here is why we give You prices so particular and competitive: You work with us. This is the key of our success.


100asa.it is rapidity.
We selected, among the best on the market, the 3 more reliable ones: GLS, Bartolini and UPS. They ensure shipment all over Italy in 24/48h and EU with a blazing fast speed. this means you won't have to dream about your order, that is already arrived! And if you order a product not available in our local warehouse, you won't wait more than 3 days. This is true because our courier will bring the order to you directly from the supplier. That's nice, isn't it?


100asa.it s reliability.
100asa.it is not like the big supermarkets with incredible offers, and if you ask about more details about products noone is able to reply to you! Our main itnerest is Your satisfaction, because a satisfied Customer will bring more Customers. And Customers likes us!

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