Patton VoIP GW, 4 E1/T1 PRI, 60 VoIP cuncurrent Calls

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The SmartNode 4970A series is a family of VoIP gateways designed to connect primary-flow ISDN devices or lines to the VoIP network, guaranteeing a competitive cost with the quality and reliability of Patton.

With this product you can connect your ISDN-PRI lines to your company IP PBXs, so you can take advantage of the traditional lines with the new IP exchanges or the classic digital switchboards with primary flow to the Internet, so you can make and receive calls through the VoIP services, with the consequent reduction of telephone costs.

The SN4970A / 4E60VRHP / EUI Smartnode is designed to support migration over IPV6 networks, and thanks to the Failover Relay option it is also possible to ensure business continuity in the event of a drop in connection to the IP network.

It supports 60 simultaneous VoIP calls, making it the ideal choice for reliability and security of communications.


     4 PRI / T1 / E1 ports
     60 Simultaneous VOIP calls
     Trinity operating system
     IPV6 compatible
     1Gigabit Ethernet port
     Support for standard SIP protocol
     High precision clock
     Failover Relay


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