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Grandstream telefono ip GRP...
  • -30%

Grandstream telefono ip GRP 2614

The GRP2614 phone is a 4 account VoIP phone, with an elegant design, designed to satisfy various applications in the field of services required...

€121.73 Our previous price €173.90 -30%
Grandstream WP820 cordless...
  • -30%

Grandstream WP820 cordless WiFi

The WP820 offers a portable WiFi IP phone with dual-band WiFi support, built-in Bluetooth, and sophisticated antenna design to allow users to...

€174.53 Our previous price €249.33 -30%
Grandstream GXP-1760 ip phone
  • -30%

Grandstream GXP-1760 ip phone

This WiFi-enabled mid-Range IP phones is ideal for growing businesses and those who handle moderate call volumes. The GXP1760W offers...

€85.06 Our previous price €121.52 -30%
Grandstream GXP 1615 phone...
  • -30%

Grandstream GXP 1615 phone VoIP

A simple IP phone for small business users, the GXP1610/1615 delivers a user-friendly VoIP calling experience in a very easy-to-use IP phone....

€35.20 Our previous price €50.29 -30%
Grandstream DP 750 base dect
  • -30%

Grandstream DP 750 dect base

The DP750 is a powerful DECT VoIP base station that pairs with up to 5 of Grandstream’s DP720 DECT handsets to offer mobility to business...

€44.00 Our previous price €62.86 -30%
Yealink T23G Gigabit telefono IP
  • -10%

Yealink T23G Gigabit IP phone

It has 3 programmable line keys with two-color LED and 4 soft keys, and thanks to the G722 codec allows high quality audio conversations. Thanks...

€73.80 Our previous price €82.00 -10%